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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 09:42:09 -0700
Subject: When does that other 21st Century start?
From: MARK PLUS <>

I sympathize with Peter Thiel's desire* to hit a metaphorical "reset
button" which takes us back to the science-fictional visions of the
1950's and 1960's, so that we can try to make more of them real this

What happened to that other 21st Century I read about as a youngster?
You know, the one where by the year 2011 we'd normally wear unitards
or jumpsuits (preferably with advanced technologies embedded in them
to protect us from death by misadventure, as FM-2030 writes about in
"Countdown to Immortality"); the one with the moon and L-5 colonies;
the one with the cities covered by geodesic domes; the one with
hypersonic jet travel; the one where we'd have 150 year life
expectancies (despite the confusion that idea reflects, given that we
define life expectancy retrospectively from population statistics);
the one with advanced and nearly reversible cryotransport; the one
where people wouldn't have to flee from countries experiencing
Malthusian social breakdowns; etc.


Mark Plus
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