X-Message-Number: 3340
Date: 23 Oct 94 15:59:23 EDT
From: Brenda Peters <>
Subject: CRYONICS:The truth and nothin' but

Dear CryoNet:

As to Steve Jackson's address, I did not obtain it from Alcor's mailing list
since I do not have the list.

With regard to complaints about receiving CryoCare information: There is a 
simple way of making sure that anyone who doesn't want to receive mail from 
CryoCare can do so. They need merely inform CryoCare that they don't wish to 
receive mailings any more.  

I understand and sympathize with the fact that Alcor is sensitive to the issue
of who is on their mailing list, and continues to experience confusion as to
who is or is not a member. The Transfer Agreement between Alcor and CryoCare
was designed to eliminate that problem, but Alcor's board prohibited its use.

I created a large portion of Alcor's list, myself, during my years as a 
director, fund raiser, and as the founder of several chapters and I am well 
aware that there aren't nearly enough of us life extensionists in the world. 
However, if Alcor wishes to place blame for losing members, it might be wise
to look inward. 

I have received many calls complaining about misinformation people have been 
given on CryoCare. These people tell me that Alcor personnel have been 
spreading unfounded rumors about CryoCare. Among the rumors these people have 
been told are that:

        1) I have dropped out of cryonics
        2) I have been stealing members from Alcor
        3) CryoCare is falling apart
        4) I am the leader of a cult  
This last rumor is especially laughable. If I am the leader of a
"cult", will my followers please report for duty.  I could use some help here.
In truth I am extremely busy. CryoCare is growing fast. I receive calls and
letters daily and I can hardly keep up with the routine of a vital and active
cryonics organization. CryoCare consumes most of my waking hours. Many of our 
new prospects and new members are people who are/were *not* members of Alcor. 

I am sincere in my hope that all other cryonics organizations will be very 
successful. My only concern is that CryoCare be as fine an organization as our
joint efforts can make it.  

MY POSITION and CRYOCARE'S SUCCESS make me a TARGET these days. If CryoCare 
were a failure no one would care about attacking me or CryoCare. All this 
really means is that we're doing a good job.  

CryoCare's policy is to refuse to participate in mudslinging. It is our policy
to refrain from public criticism of other cryonics organizations. We will 
respond to what we believe are factual errors but do not wish to get into 
endless arguments.  

I hope that people can go back to the fascinating scientific discussions that 
have been on Cryonet recently. Thank you Kevin, for making all this wonderful 
brainstorming possible! Let's move forward rather than belabor the past.      

Brenda Peters
President, CryoCare Foundation

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