X-Message-Number: 3342
Date: 23 Oct 94 17:57:57 EDT
From: John de Rivaz <>
Subject: CRYONICS: archiving

With regards to the postings about archiving cryonics records on CD, why not

investigate employing people in Russia to type in the text? The retyping will be
a phenomenal task, but this may be an economic way to achieve it.

Once on CD, magazines like "Cryonics", "The Immortalist" and "Life Extension
Report" would be invaluable research tools for those who are attempting to
communicate the idea to conventional media, whether by writing or broadcasting.

A related but lesser project may be a computer readable index for people who
have the back numbers to hand. Such an index could save a lot of time sorting
through magazines, and would contain article titles, positions, and a few
keywords. It should be possible to contain the index on ordinary floppy disks,

making it widely available to anyone who has access to a computer. Unfortunately
it would still involve a lot of work and could also benefit from paying someone
in a low wage area.

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