X-Message-Number: 3343
Date: 23 Oct 94 18:11:23 EDT
From: yvan Bozzonetti <>
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS : Answer to B. Wowk on X rays.

About message 3332 by Brian Wowk: On the impossibility to use low energy X 
rays in a holographic system for large objects such brains.

I fear B. Wowk mix anything, first, QED is the general theory of 
electromagnetism and is never used for computing complex situations. 
Second, Bragg scattering in about diffraction by a crystal network of 
atoms, the monochrmaticity produced by that system is similar to the one 
generated by a prism in visible light. This far from what a hologram needs. 
So the subjects are not the same.

There may be an understanding problem: May be I have not sufficiently 
stressed than Xray brain scanning was essentially a cryonics tool. That is, 
it must be used at low temperature when the brain is a solid body. There, I 
am sorry, but you cannot take as model the atomic properties of a gas or a 
liquid. Not only atoms are locked in molecules (mostly big ones for 
interesting cases) but they are anchored in the solid. Recall the Mosbauher 
effect, where an entire crystal absorbs the push of a single photon. Even 
at atom border electrons are not knocked out in a solid as in a gas.

Now if you have a particular distaste for holography, there is always the 
more advanced Braginsky's quantum nondemolition. On that matter, I suggest 
you get some translated papers of the Zel'dovich's group on the subject.

	Yvan Bozzonetti.

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