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Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 14:07:20 +0100 (CET)
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Subject: Re: CryoNet #33425

Thought experiment is OK, although I never thought I could think at all. So when
I uploaded only half of all the memories in my brain, my personal information 
will then be many times more secure than today. I must be even lucky if mind 
uploading is leaving out content from some retarded brain cells, espc. those 
storing all the crap I have seen in TV.

Just tomorrow, an architect and a manager of the house where my home is will be 
discussing the big chunks of plaster that fell down from the exterior. No single
chunk fell on my head, so I'm still among the living. But I would like more 
than the current level of security.

A gun? Neither owned nor needed. After the better half of my memories has been 
uploaded, I can happily step outside, climb over the balcony, and jump. It's the
8th floor where I'm residing. Less than 4 meters to walk, more than 14 meters 
to fall (like a big chunk of plaster). Those silly old brain cells - compared to
a real emotional computer grid that can be even repaired after a big chunk of 
plaster got dropped on its android head - really suck.

However, making sure my remains are thoroughly cremated has always been done by 
the law of federal German government.

Ron Havelock discussed in part: I would ask the uploaders to make this thought 
experiment. Upload the contents of your brain to the fullest extent allowed by 
future technology. Then blow your brains out with a gun and make sure your 
remains are thoroughly cremated. Are you happy to do this?


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