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Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 07:00:13 +0100
Subject: I think..
From: =?UTF-8?Q?Jonathan_Despr=C3=A9s?= <>


My 2 ideas:

1) I think it is possible to have a perfect cryonics technology and we
should work on it before to work on aging or nanomedicine.

2) When we have a perfect cryonics technology then we can have a
better reputation and then it would be more profitable to expand and
colonize in other states/cities, not before.

3) So we should invest in establishing a perfect cryonics technology
first and then invest to expand after a perfect cryonics, that's how
the money should be invested.

21cm.com seem a good company to reach that, to make it happen, so we
should focus on them and make them bigger.

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