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From:   (Hocus Pocus)
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Subject: Brain Backup illogical
Date: 24 Oct 1994 18:38:06 GMT
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	I hate to be offensive, but the concept of brain backup seems
 illogical. By backing up the brain you are merely cloning yourself.
 If you have several copies of your brain and it comes time to "load"
 it into a physical brain, which will you use? Why not use them all?
 All you are doing is making a clone of yourself. It still isn't you.
 	Some will argue that "you" are you thoughts, memories, 
 experiences, etc... and taking that into consideration I must say 
 that you are too complex to describe in a few words. "You" are a 
 machine. Your brain is individual of everyone elses. It has chemical 
 processes, reactions, and such that are separate from others, and 
 I have heard of no attempt to duplicate this. Furthermore, it has 
 been said that memories form thinking processes by writing your
 experiences in a pattern so to speak. This pattern must also be 
	Lastly, if we are far from understanding much of the brain,
 how can we begin discussing processes such as brain downloading? All
 we have now are theories on memory, thought processes, and chemical 
 processes. We must put our time and money into researching and 
 understanding the brain entirely, before we can begin tamperring 
 with it in such a drastic way.

          Brian N. <>

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