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Date: 30 Oct 94 14:12:32 EST
From: yvan Bozzonetti <>
Subject: CRYONICS : Halloween subject.

Today subject may be seen as dubious: It is time travel!

Think about it: You can get informations on any epoch, anywhere. I assume 
here simply time travel for informations, not material objects. Displacing 
mass backward in time would collide head on with many conservation laws in 
physics. Information, on the other side is not conservative: it can be 
duplicated at infinite, if you have it even if you give it to anybody.

Time arrow seems linked to thermodynamics, itself rooted in event horizons 
such the ones found in black holes. It seems information works somewhat as 
a cosmological constant and can so suppress horizons, there would be then 
naked singularities with time travel capabilities for information.

One possibletime machine would be built from a worm hole with one mouth 
moved at relativistic celerity along a closed trip. Worm holes are holes in 
the fabric of space time. There are two kind of them: the quantum ones at 
10^-33 cm and the classical at any other scale. A worm hole establish a 
short link between two distant part of the space time: If there is a worm 
hole between A and B, there are two shortest paths between these points, 
one in the classical space, may be many billions of ligth year long and 
many billions of years in time, and another in the worm hole with nearly no 
distance and duration.

The worm hole travel problem holds in that: any positive mass entering it 
pinches off the tunnel and get destroyed in a space time singularity. The 
only solution is then to poor in the hole more negative mass than the 
positive one loaded with information.

Quantum fluctuations have, on the average no energy and so no mass, but for 
a short time there can be a positive energy, a virtual 
particle-antiparticle bunch. That must be compensated at another instant, 
elswhere by a negative energy with a negative mass. In flat space-time 
there is no way to to pick up the ones or the others, but a gravitational 
field do the job: The stronger the gravitational acceleraton, the shorter 
the separated quantum fluctuations and the more energetic they can get. The 
positive fluctuations become a real, thermal radiation and the negative 
energy falls in the gravitational field and reduce it. The gravitational 
field at the Earth surface produces a 10^-24 K thermal radiation in both, 
electromagnetism and gravitational wave. This translates into a spectrum 
peaked near a one ligth year wavelength. If we could detect such 
radiations, we would see quantum electromagnetic fluctuation with sligtly 
shorter wave continualy pinching off worm holes.

Now, recall the casimir effect: Two conducting, parallele plates are pushed 
the one against the other. This is so, because they work as resonators and 
excludes some frequencies in the quantum fluctuations between them. The 
corresponding presure disapears on the inside faces, but not on the outside 
facing side, so there is a pressure squashing space between the plates. 
Now, translates that for worm hole: A "plate" in four dimension would be 
just a three dimensional sphere such the Earth, if there is another 
conducting sphere somewhere  with a gravitational field, then it can form 
the other mouth of a worm hole. Gravitational field at the earth surface 
induces a space -time curvature with a curvature radius near one ligth 
year: Just the rigth geometry to suppress fluctuation with smaller 

We have so all good reason to think ligth-year long wave can travel in worm 
holes in the near Earth environment. To record it would ask for an detector 
with the good wave band sensibility, an antenna made from superconductive 
material could be up the job. With ceramic superconductors, liquid nitrogen 
could be sufficient to run such a system. At first, the transmission 
capability seems low: At most one bit per year, but nonlinear process such 
soliton waves could expand this far beyond.

Kip S. Thorne in the chapter 13 of this book: Black Hole and Time Warps (W. 
W. Norton and Company, 1994) has given nearly all the story. The use of 
Casimir effect in time machines comes from a Nature article, the curvature 
radius of space-time near earth was found in the Misner-Thorne-Wheeler 
book: "Gravitation" (W. H. Freeman, 1973).

	Yvan Bozzonetti.

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