X-Message-Number: 3366
From: Brian Wowk <>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 94 13:55:47 CST
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS Conceptual Breakthrough

Yvan Bozzonetti:
>Now, when a wave encounter some absorbing material, it don't drop out to 
>zero instantly,  it travel some distance inside the obstacle and this one 
>is not too thick it can get out on the other side. A photon is not a wave 
>but a wave packet with wavelength extending at least at the coherence 
>length. A x-ray photon with coherence length in the kilometric range 
>contains so a kilometric wave and this one can alows it to pass an obstacle 
>less than some kilometers wide. A brain, whatever its absorptive properties 
>is ten thousands times  smaller than the longest wave in the wave packet so 
>that the photon has vanishingly small probability to be stopped inside it. 
>this is the so called tunnel effect.
>To summarize, kilometers long coherence lengths have a very strong effect 
>on absorption properties, such waves would travel in a brain nearly without 
>creating radiation effects. A scanner based on this system could be used on 
>a living brain many times without risk. This is a conceptual break through. 
        A conceptual breakthrough indeed!  We don't even need x-rays!  
We can build a prototype system right now using visible light.  
Good single mode holography lasers have coherence lengths of kilometers.  
We can aim the laser at your head and watch the light beam pass right 
through with no absorption at all!
--- Brian Wowk

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