X-Message-Number: 3370
Date:  Mon, 31 Oct 94 17:58:10 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject: CRYONICS Suspension Patient Count

To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
October 31, 1994

     Some time ago I posted some questions and suggestions about the total 
count of cryonic suspension patients.  After various private messages, here 
is the current answer, listed by where the patients are stored.  Answers for 
who has legal custody of whom are in some instances in dispute.  The current 
total should at least be good enough for the cryonics FAQ and other 
information sources.

Alcor: 27
Cryonics Instutute: 13
Trans Time: 9
CryoSpan: 2

Total: 51

     Note: this does not include persons in private storage, all of whom 
are stored at temperatures which are far higher than liquid nitrogen and 
which seem unlikely to prevent further severe long-term damage.  These 
storage methods are: frozen to dry ice temperature at someone's home (at 
least 1 patient, possibly 2), in home freezers in France or elsewhere (2, 
at last report), or permafrost storage in the Arctic (2 for sure, possibly 

Steve Bridge

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