X-Message-Number: 3374
Date: 02 Nov 94 00:20:28 EST
From: yvan Bozzonetti <>
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS: answer to msg3366

	About quantum tunnelling, B. Wowk said:

>        A conceptual breakthrough indeed!  We don't even need x-rays!  
>We can build a prototype system right now using visible light.  
>Good single mode holography lasers have coherence lengths of kilometers.  
>We can aim the laser at your head and watch the light beam pass right 
>through with no absorption at all!

	Yes, that could work with light, but the smallest wavelength in the 
wave packet is only half a micron, too large for .2 micron structures to be 
seen. U.V. could do the job.

	There are laser on the market with kilometer coherence length? 
Wonderful ! One and half year ago, when I completed a two years course at 
Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in Paris on optics and lasers, 
the best coherence length available was in the range of some meters (two or 
three), there are instability in optical lasers, and  that preclude to get 
better results. I have worked on a part time basis for nearly two years now 
on an astronomical optical interferometer, all the people involved would be 
happy to get kilometers coherence length! Brian, if you come to France some 
day, please go to the Puimichel Observatory and the CALERN one, you'll meet 
here professional interferometrists and they will be astounded by the pace 
of progress on your continent.

	I have said before Brian, you are the best, there you discover 
both, the nonionising radiation scanning and the perfect ligth laser. 
Please tell me how it work? (I could do billions with this idea).


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