X-Message-Number: 3377
From: Robert D Grahame <>
Subject: CRYONICS : Moving Cryonet
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 94 21:59:55  GMT

Hmm. Moving cryonet away from your 'personal' and 'work' addresses sounds a
good move. I work for BT, so I can well imagine the potential problems.
Adding WWW access will also help people find out more about the
subject. A wider readership would also increase the exposure of the less
pleasant personal attacks which seem to be seasonal fixtures, but that'll
happen anyway, I suppose.

The main problem I see is costs. Funding by any of the cryonics
organisations or related entities could open up a can of worms if any
filtering was needed in the future. Unless an independant sponsor could be
found (is there any such thing?), some sort of usage charges seem inevitable,
unless you're prepared to carry the whole cost personally.

Maybe charges for more sophisticated maillist facilities, like the extensive
command set developed for the Extropians list, while keeping the basic list
free? A two tier list would probably gain some paying users, and even a few
could make a dent in your outgoings.

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