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Date:  Wed, 02 Nov 94 21:34:17 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject: CRYONICS on Indian Lands

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>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
November 2, 1994

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>Is there any truth to the rumor that a cryonics organization is
>contemplating  relocating onto Indian land so as to permit the  execution 
>of a premortem suspension -- the idea being that some of the regulatory
>obstacles [such as the charge of Murder One] might thus be evaded?

     Such a rumor seems unlikely to be true, although it wouldn't surprise 
me to discover that different cryonicists had inquired into the idea.  
During Thomas Donaldson's attempt in 1990 to get legal permission for pre-
mortem suspension (he was denied), people were suggesting everything from 
this to the Netherlands to taking a ship into international waters.  All 
had problems, but I don't remember what the one with Native American 
reservations was.  My impression is that the legal separation is not 
complete, and that homicide is considered a bit more of a problem than, 
say, gambling.

     Whoever tries it had better have plenty of reserve for legal bills.  
And they had better be prepared to be very friendly to a Native American 
tribe -- which may not WANT its land flooded with suicidal Caucasians and 
turned into "Kevorkian World," even if some of the suiciders were doing it 
to save their lives.

     Plans like this are invariably more complicated than might appear at 
first glance.

     NOTHING about cryonics is easy.

Steve Bridge, President
Alcor Life Extension Foundation

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