X-Message-Number: 3385
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 09:12:22 -0500
From: Ken Stone <>
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS High Pressure Cryonics

In reply to Ben Best:

Firstly, this is the first posting that I've made to SCI.CRYONICS (my last
post went only to CRYONICS digest).  I don't mind expanding the forum, but
I don't read the newsgroup, and I'm guessing that you left a few people
wondering what/who you were referring to.

Now, to your points:

*I* didn't take it as self-evident that anybody would get smushed.
I don't know if a high-gradient pressure change of the kind you advocate
would be very damaging or not.  I don't have the physics background to be able
to decide the outcome of such an experiment a priori, and while you may have
made an argument that it will work, that doesn't mean that I have to believe
it, or refute it, or anything else.  I leave that to others who are more
qualified (or at least think they are :-)  ).

My point was that I believe that high-pressure cryonics should still be 
explored REGARDLESS of the feasibility of your approach.  I believe this 
primarily because ice crystal structures are *different* under high pressure,
not because of any differences in the temperatures at which crystals are 
formed.  It may even turn out that conventional cryoprotectants aren't
even necessary under the right conditions...

Ken Stone - 
"Listen to what I say, not what I mean."

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