X-Message-Number: 3389
Date: 05 Nov 94 14:50:24 EST
From: yvan Bozzonetti <>
Subject: CRYONICS : Micro holography with ionising radiations.

Re: M. Darwin msg 3378.

>As an aside to Brian Wowk: IMHO it would have been a far better thing for 
you to
>do to work on your OWN research rather than to spend time dealing with 
>else's apparently: a) nutty, b) impractical, and c) irrelevant in real 
>schemes from fruitcake land.

	No interest for me, but it seems I am not alone to be interested in 
micro- holography, curious readers can look at Akira Tonomura article in 
the April 1990 Physics Today issue, P. 22 - 29, entitled: Electron 
holography: A new view of the microscopic. I can send a copy on request.

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