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Subject: SCI.CRYONICS: Anti-Aging Guide
From:  (Ben Best)
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 01:45:00 -0500

  I assume tht cryonics for nearly all cryonicists is a means to an
end, namely, a greatly extended youthful life. Therefore, I
unhesitatingly give my recommendation and endorsement to Dr. Thomas
Donaldson's recent book A GUIDE TO ANTI-AGING DRUGS. Although I
am somewhat critical of the title -- I would have preferred that
Procaine, Deprenyl, Levodopa, Phenformin and Phenytoin deserve to be
called DRUGS, but Vitamin E, Pyridoxine, Pantothenate, Melatonin,
Cysteine, Chromium and Coenzyme Q10 do not.

   Dr. Donaldson gives a careful description of all dietary supplements
which have been shown by at least one experiment to extend the lives
of laboratory MAMMALS (mice, rats or guinea pigs, usually). Most
lifespan extensions are in the range of 10% to 50%, but conceivably
a combination of supplements acting by different mechanisms could have
an additive effect or greater. The five classes of life-extension
mechanisms that Thomas identifies are:

   (1) Antioxidation
   (2) Glycation inhibition (ie, prevention of glucose-induced
                                 protein cross-linking)
   (3) Metabolic alteration (the B vitamins)
   (4) Immune system improvement (Coenzyme Q10)
   (5) Effect on the brain (many very different actions)

     Since it is unlikely that conclusive human lifespan studies can
be conducted within our own lifespans, these results on small mammals
may offer a good chance of extending our lives. The metabolic
similarities of small mammals and humans probably greatly outweigh
the differences. The greatest difference is probably in brain

    To order Dr. Donaldson's book, send US$24 to:  PERIASTRON BOOKS
                                                   P.O.BOX 2365
                                                   SUNNYVALE, CALIF
                                                   94087  USA

      Add shipping costs of US$4 for 1-3 books and US$6 for 4 or
more books for all orders within the USA, Canada or Mexico.

                      -- Ben Best ()

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