X-Message-Number: 3411
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 20:06:05 -0600 (CST)
From: Steve Jackson <>

Charles Platt writes:
>  in the past, the
> most unsolicited mail that anyone should have received should have been
> one piece, asking the recipient if he/she wanted more information. 

Sounds like something broke, then. I got three mailings, the last two in
rapid succession, which was what triggered my original inquiry.
> I'm a little surprised that this topic should be a cause for any concern.

(SJ visualizes Charles, typing this in with an innocent, wounded expression 
  :-)    )

> Once more I must emphasize the obvious: it is not in our interests to 
> send mail to people who don't want it.

(SJ visualizes the expression moderating to stern earnestness  :-)   
:-)  )
Then it should also be obvious why I raised the point. Right, Charles? 
Three unsolicited mailings was excessive by any standard, apparently
including your own. I complained. Ms. Peters agreed, immediately, to take me 
off her list, and she was polite about it. I am willing to take that polite
answer as the official response of your group, unless you insist on
pressing the matter.


I'd like to pose the same question to the LEF, if anyone on this list can
speak for that group, that I posed to Alcor: What is the policy of the LEF
regarding privacy of its members? Does the LEF sell, give away, or trade
its membership list or other mailing lists? I joined the LEF a couple of 
years ago, specifically to show support for Saul Kent in his opposition to 
the FDA - so I ask as a person whose name is on that list.

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