X-Message-Number: 3419
Date: 17 Nov 94 14:18:13 EST
From: John de Rivaz <>
Subject: CRYONICS: phone-in protest

Chrissie Loveday (suspension member, Cryonics Institute) had been approached to
appear on UK national television (Producers: Michael Hurll Television Ltd,
Broadcasters: London Weekend Television Ltd) to discuss cryonic suspension. The
discussion would have been an item in a program called Schofield's Quest. She
had given a day of time with an interviewer and generally cooperated with other

matters, such as arranging material to be sent to the company. She had not asked
for or been offered a fee.

She was therefore highly displeased to be told at the last minute, after having
made arrangements for time off work and having told all her friends, that it is
all off. The company had also filmed at F.A. Albin & Sons, the CI's funeral

The reasons being given for the item being cancelled were that it was an
unsuitable subject for broadcast at that time in the evening. (6.40-7.30). This
is unreasonable, as she did another program at the same time for West Country
television (a local station) and Alcor people have appeared on News at One and
News at Ten. The researcher who did all the work for Michael Hurll television
Ltd  was equally put out.

However the program was cancelled at such a late hour that it is already printed
in the television schedules:
>Schofield's Quest, ITV, 6.40 pm Sunday 20 November.
> ... a grandmother tells why she has paid L22,000
>     to have her body frozen when she dies ...

During the programme there is a phone-in, which lasts throughout the evening
following the end of transmission. Apparently if as few as 20 people ring in
they consider the item to have been of national interest. The number is 071 757

Therefore, what we suggest is that as many people interested in cryonics (and
their friends), ring in after the program has ended asking what happened to the
item advertised in Radio Times about cryonic suspension. Why wasn't it
broadcast? Say you are disappointed and have tuned in especially to see it etc
etc. Ideally, please watch the programme and see if there is any comment about
it. If they say it is postponed, ask when it will be broadcast, and why it was
postponed. (They may say it will be postponed hoping that people will forget
about it).

Please do NOT:
1	Phone from outside the UK (this obviously suggests an organized
2	Phone before the programme begins (same reason)

Telephone calls during the weekend will cost about 10 pence and you will talk to
a researcher and not be put on the air.


RE: Dr Mike Perry

On another matter: does anyone know the email address for Dr Mike Perry? His
email was returned by Alcor's computer. Does he not work there any more? Has he
fallen out with them?


Music - still no sign of the cryonics song by Apollo 440 on the top 40 Teletext
list (BBC2, Nov 13.)


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