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Date:  Thu, 17 Nov 94 15:43:39 
From: Bridge Steve <>
Subject: CRYONICS 1996 Symposium Announcement

To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
November 17, 1994

Announcement of 1996 Conference.

     Alcor Life Extension Foundation announces the first of what are 
planned to be annual research symposiums.  Information on this event was 
handed out at the recent Life Extension Foundation conference in Ontario, 
CA.  Unfortunately, we got the dates wrong on the flyer.

     NOTE:  CORRECT DATES:  February 17-18, 1996.  

     We have felt for a long time that cryonics conferences over the past 
several years have spent (often by necessity) most of the time on 
discussions of legal, social, and political issues, with only marginal 
discussion of research.  Also, most of the presentations were panels, 
which tends to dilute the information and does not encourage the careful 
assembly of detailed papers.  Since cryonics research has become active 
again in the last two years, we feel it is time to provide opportunities 
for presentation and discussion of that research.

*Official Announcement follows.*

CRYO-1: A Research Symposium on Advances in Biostasis, Life Extension, and 
Re-entry Technologies

Scottsdale, Arizona February 17-18, 1996

To be sponsored annually by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

     The first research symposium to be held on the subject since the 
Asilomar Conference in 1990.  This symposium brings together leading 
researchers to discuss advances in these areas and the important 
implications of recent and future research.

Provisional Program:  Research Sessions, Poster Sessions, Information 
Tables, Banquet.

Call for Papers:  Papers are invited for poster sessions and 
presentations.  Contact Symposium Coordinators for details.  Please 
contact them directly, not by replying to CryoNet.  Instructions for 
submission are currently in preparation and should be available soon.  
Some of this information will be posted on CryoNet.  

Symposium Coordinators:  Linda and Fred Chamberlain, P.O. Box 189, Payson 
AZ 85547, (602) 474-0428,  e-mail 

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