X-Message-Number: 3423
Date:  Sun, 20 Nov 94 12:30:04 
Subject: CRYONICS Mike Perry's e-mail

To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
November 20, 1994

in response to   Message: #3419 - phone-in protest
                 Date: 17 Nov 94 14:18:13 EST
                 From: John de Rivaz <>

>RE: Dr Mike Perry
>On another matter: does anyone know the email address for Dr Mike Perry? 
>His email was returned by Alcor's computer. Does he not work there any 
>more? Has he fallen out with them?

     Why do people assume if they have an e-mail problem that their is 
some devious explanation?

     We recently upgraded to a new version of our e-mail software.  At 
that time Scott Herman changed Michael Perry's address from 

Sorry this was not posted to everyone.


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