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Date:  Mon, 28 Nov 94 18:54:25 
From: Bridge Steve <>
Subject: CRYONICS TV on Alcor and Cryonics

To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge
November 28, 1994

Alcor Life Extension Foundation and cryonics will be featured this 
Thursday, December 1st, on "The Know Zone," a television program on The 
Discovery Channel.  In most areas, this is shown at 9:30 p.m.  In some 
localities, the show is repeated late at night or over the weekend.

The Know Zone is a non-fiction technology/discovery show, apparently aimed 
at young adults.  This particular episode deals with various aspects of 
death technology and includes an embalming and an autopsy.  Cryonics is 
seen as a technological approach to death that may be the most common 
method in the future.  I *think* the portrayal of cryonics will be 
positive.  I expect about 5-7 minutes of coverage.

By the way, SeaQuest (the generally awful submarine-SF TV show produced by 
Steven Spielberg) last night had a very positive cryonics episode.  A 
suspension "patient" (they used that word) was brought out of suspension 
as a witness to a murder.  She had apparently been frozen in a terminal 
(but not "dead") condition from an incurable virus.  All discussions of 
the process were positive, and the message was definitely that life was 
worth living.  Only one character -- the dumbest one in the cast, for a 
change -- expressed any reservations about suspended animation.  "This 
freezing stuff just doesn't seem right; it's too spooky."  Another 
character gave him a disgusted look and said, "It's not spooky; it's just 

The woman went back into suspension at the end to await the cure, which 
was a plus.  A Puerto Rican character (presumably Catholic) mentioned that 
he had an aunt in suspension.  "*Nobody* leaves a Puerto Rican family 
easily.  This is real big in Florida."

One minus was that the head of the Cryonics (they used this word 
interchangeably with "cryogenics") company was one of the villains.  I 
wish they'd stop doing that.  Real cryonics presidents are friendly and 

Steve Bridge, Real Cryonics President
Alcor Life Extension Foundation

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