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This is a little out of date, and I have no idea of the level of truth
involved.  It showed up on one of my mailing lists and I thought the 
cryonics list might find it interesting.  Two-three years ago Eric 
Kline made a number of acusations about Alcor--which were eventually 
refuted (at great cost) by an audit.  Keith Henson  PS, appologies if
this has already gone by and I missed it.  

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> Subject: #216752-Oceania?
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> It  turned out to all be a scam, actually.  The key people involved, Eric
> Kline and Chuck Geshlieder, allegedly had a scheme set up where they
> repeatedly paid themselves out of all of the proceeds.  It apparently went
> something like this:
> 1)  Donations came to Oceania.  Kline and Geshlider, as principals, got
> paid a portion.
> 2)  Oceania then contracted with The Gold Standard Press, owned by Kline
> and Geshlider, to do printing.  Kline got a share as the sales rep.
> 3)  Gold Standard Press then printed fund-raising letters for Oceania.
> Kline and Geshlider split the profits, as partners in Gold Standard.
> 4)  Oceania sent out more fund-raising requests.
> 5)  Donations came to Oceania.  (see #1)
> It fell apart when Kline and Geshlider allegedly accused each other of
> fraud, and Geshlider apparently took his case to the Nevada State Attorney
> General's Consumer Fradu Division.  (Poor Chuck, there were no consumer's
> in this transaction.)  What is amazing about all of this is that The Gold
> Standard was an ILLEGAL business (no business license) and Chuck had been
> hauled before a judge a few months ago on this very charge.  He allegedly
> threatened to beat her up in the parking lot (something he has threatened
> to virtually everyone who has ever met him), and then skipped town for a
> couple of weeks.  The people at the Attorney General's office apparently
> were astounded that Chuck, who is knowlingly running an illegal business,
> and is not keeping any records the IRS might get hold of, is complaining
> about his business partner and co-conspirator about a scam.  After all,
> there are NO Gold Standard Press records, and there are NO Oceania
> records.  (It turns out that Kline was simply writing checks Pay To The
> Order of Cash, and then using the cash to cover his reversals in the Stock
> Market.)
> Eventually, their need for cash apparently outstripped the rate at which
> suckers were sending them money, and like hungry wolves, set upon each
> other.
> p.s. I know both of these jerks personally. We have tried to throw them
> out of the LP in Las Vegas for several years.  Like counterfeit money,
> they just keep turning up!
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