X-Message-Number: 3445
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 1994 23:31:59 -0600 (CST)
From: Steve Jackson <>

(1) Please, no more from Mr. Bauge. His speculations are only marginally
more interesting than his long pseudo-legalistic rants about copyright.

(2) I'm disappointed that Keith Henson inflicted that libelous
Compuserve post on this list. So someone doesn't like Eric Klien. So Eric
has non-admirers in Alcor. Big, fat, hairy deal! The post that Keith
forwarded here was a waste of space. Eric doesn't advertise Oceania here,
and ill-informed slams at the project are not relevant. The fact that the
original poster can't even spell Eric's last name right is an indication,
to me, that his accusations of fraud are equally ignorant. Salting the 
libel with the word "apparently" doesn't make it safe.

(I note that Charles got in after I wrote this, but before I posted it,
with very similar thoughts and even similar phrasing. Grin. Let's not
have anybody claiming I'm a tentacle of Charles'. The last time I stuck
my nose into one of these, Mike Darwin suggested that I was a tentacle
of Keith's. Naaah - as we see, if Keith wants to say something, he's
not afraid to say it himself. Though in this case, I wish he hadn't.
Same for Charles. Same for me. I'm just too stubborn to find a new way
to express myself, even though Charles has played the exact same tune
for you folks already.)

(And I note that Eric has filed suit against the original badmouther.
Why am I not surprised? If someone talked that way about me, they'd get
exactly one chance to retract . . . )

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