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From: whscad1!kqb (Kevin Q Brown +1 201 386 7344)
Subject: CRYONICS Aging Research Centre & Anti-Aging Conference

The Aging Research Centre (ARC) has a home page at URL:
According to its introduction, it is "dedicated to providing a service
that allows researchers in this field to find information that is related
to the study of the aging process.  We also endeavour to introduce this
field to laymen who would like to know more about the research that is
being conducted."

The "Upcoming Meetings and Conferences" section under the home page
didn't list the recent Dec. 4 - 6 big conference in Las Vegas
("Anti-Aging Medicine & Biomedical Technology for the Year 2010")
announced in message number 3210, though.  This may be because the
event is over and thus is no longer "upcoming" or it may be because
the emphasis of this Web page is on the molecular biology of aging
rather than on medicine for treating (or reversing) it.

Request: Would someone who was at the Dec. 4 - 6 conference please
post a summary to CryoNet?  I wasn't able to attend and would like
to find what I missed.  Probably quite a few other people would be
interested, too.  Thanks!
                              Kevin Q. Brown

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