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Date: Sat, 10 Dec 1994 13:00:08 +6000
From: Trygve Bauge <>
Subject: Rebuttal of CRYONICS #3445

On 10 Dec 1994  wrote:

> Cryonics Mailing List - Dec 9 1994
>   #3445 - No Subject [S.Jackson]
> Message: #3445 - No Subject
> Date: Thu, 8 Dec 1994 23:31:59 -0600 (CST)
> From: Steve Jackson <>
> Message-Subject: CRYONICS
> (1) Please, no more from Mr. Bauge. His speculations are only marginally
> more interesting than his long pseudo-legalistic rants about copyright.
Wait a minute,
In society in general people usually have manners,
and respect free speech, and go about discussing topics
in a cultivated and respectful way.
Let me suggest that we try to adhere to the same high standards
here in the cryonic movement too!
When I read cryonic discussions,
I often come to think that if someone really wanted to attack, harm
and discourage cryonics, they could hardly do a better job at it
than some of the cryonic combattants already are doing!
Why is it that when one read a cryonic debate some of the debattants come 
across as having a different agenda then the issues at hand,
and one is left with the impression that they act as though they are 
paid to attack below the belt so to speak?

Rule 1
If you don't like something, then don't read it,
you don't ask that someone else be barred or censored!!

Rule 2
To succeed cryonics is dependent upon long run respect for private
property. Private property is based on respect for first claims.
Think about that next time you attack copyrights!

Rule 3
Be specific, and present and quote the premises before your conclusion
so that others easier can see when your conclusions do not hold water.

In regard to article 3438 and 3439:
For your information the two articles I posted was less speculative than 
many other cryonic articles I have seen. As a matter of fact my articles
dealt with how one could combine available routines and apply these to 
human beings. 


Ps. By the way, what is Oceania?

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