X-Message-Number: 3453
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 1994 13:13:39 -0500
Subject: CRYONICS Factual Errors

I do not wish to engage in a flame war with David Cosenza. Life is too short.
My enemy is not David nor Alcor but death. However, I do wish to correct a
couple of factual errors that I have personal knowledge of but David Cosenza

1) A copy of the Oceania constitution was displayed on the CryoCare table at
the Ontario conference because it was one of the prizes for the raffle. It
was donated to CryoCare. It should also be noted that Alcor t-shirts were
also displayed on the CryoCare table for the same reason. Other prizes were
also displayed.

2) I never signed a document agreeing with Eric's allegations about
misappropriations of the
Patient Care Fund. I therefore never had to retract anything. I believe the
same applies to Bob Kreuger.

I recommend that everyone involved in this dispute re-read Derek Ryan's
excellent posting about arguments from about two months ago.

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