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Date: Tue, 13 Dec 1994 09:11:44 +6000
From: Trygve Bauge <>
Subject: CRYONICS. Explanation of copyright message. 

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On Mon, 12 Dec 1994, Steve Jackson wrote:

> Don't waste our time with your two-page nonsense about copyright, then.
> THAT is rude. 

The copyright is an integral part of each of my articles.
The two go hand in hand as a packaged deal.
If you don't like that my articles are copyrighted, then don't read them.
If enough people do not respect copyrights, or if people do not respect
copyrights in a particular forum, then those of us who do copyright
our articles will take our articles elsewhere, and you will never know
what ideas you lost access to.

A copyright serves several functions: It is a statement of claim,
something one state on principle independent of whether it get respected
or not. It is also a way of setting certain conditions for the use
of what one offer. Many articles are not worth researching or writing
unless there is widespread respect for copyrights.
I use my copyright statement as a way of checking and balancing the
power of govenment. My copyrights are also something that I fully intend
to defend by developing the necessary government to defend them.

> You can get all the protection that international law 
> allows by saying "Copyright 19xx by Trygve Bauge. All rights reserved."
Ideally a copyright means no copying without explicit permission.
Instead of requesting individual inquieries each time someone want to
copy my articles, I have included in my copyright message certain
general copying conditions, so that people see what I generally permit 
them to do, and don't have to contact me, but for special permissions.

> No amount of spam will get you more protection . . . 

Spam is unjustified repetition. In a book, it would not be necessary 
to include the copyright more than once,
but since my articles appear individually in various settings,
it is important to include the copyright message with each.

> but it will amuse 
> and anger others. You appear very unsophisticated, therefore ignorant, 
> therefore probably not worth taking seriously.

Don't jump to four letter conlusions, it only back fires.

My thoughtsystem including my ideas about copyright
are quite sophisticated, something you would discover too if you visited
my WWW pages and read a few more of my articles.

Rights are principles for deciding in what situation to respect
what person's will. Rights are principles for drawing domain lines
among people. Individual life extension is the highest goal that any 
individual can hold for itself. The question is: what rights
formulations do we have to respect so that individuals best can extend their
own lives?  To extend life we have to identify and overcome all 
causes of death. To develop life extending paths and to bring down the
cost of these so that people in general can afford to extend their lives, 
will take a lot of basic research a lot of medical reasearch and a lot of 
entrepreneurial activity. We also need to respect individual autonomy
so not to pose a threat to individual lives.. 
Historically and logically values can best be maximized under
entrepreneurial liberty. Entrepreneurial liberty is based upon respect 
for individual autonomy, private property, freedom of travel, freedom of 
trade and many other rights. The freest most growth giving system is also 
the safest system. Respect for first claims is the only objective way of 
settling property disputes, the alternative is arbitrary force which 
means no real respect for private property.  The bottom line is that it 
is of value to respect first claims because respect for first claims is 
the framework under which those who care to do their best to extend their 
own lives, best can extend their own lives.

The above was a simple outline, If you want more details, read my WWW

Not sophisticated? Ignorant?  Those words reflect better on
what you wrote yourself.
Not worth taking seriously?
That depends upon your goal. If your goal is active personal life extension,
then you might consider searching for the most life extending legal
system, and respecting it too.

Contrary to popular myth, law is not a subjective tradition 
based on subjective decisions, but an objective science.
The government doesn't decide what is right or wrong, it merely fails
or succeeds at acknowledging the difference.

I started out with a simple copyright message.
However, it wasn't adequate.
People either ignore it or do not understand it or both.
Anyway many people wrote me asking me to clarify what the copyright
implied, and there was obviously a lot of confusion.
they wondered if they could read my article, if they could quote it
in replies, if I wanted to get paid for each copy, if each sentence
was copyrighted etc.etc.

Several people encouraged me to include clarifications
of the copyright in the articles I posted.
I started adding explanations to the inquieries I got,
and kept adding such, until the copyright message now
is the way you saw it.

I am well aware of that I could remove some repetitions
and thus condense it a little, and possibly put more of the
copyright at the end of the article and less up front,
and that is on my priority list for the next time I upgrade my article 
collection, sometime over the next 6 months.


Cryonics is a long term venture, centered around developing and
rationalizing new technologies and around guarding bodies, vaults and 
For the individual cryonicist to succeed it is not just enough that a 
technology is found that makes cryonics work. Society also has to act in
such a way that it becomes easy and affordable for individual
cryonic suspensions to succeed.
We basically have to abide by a legal system under which individuals
safely can be suspended.
To succeed cryonics and individual cryonisists are dependent 
upon the uttermost respect for individual autonomy, individual lives, 
entrepreneurial liberty and private property.

Property rights are based on respect for first claims.
If you don't respect copyrights you can't expect to get respect
for other property rights either. 

When there is no respect for first claims, you get a situation
like the one I am battling in Nederland,
where the town trustees have no respect for private property,
and the legal system does not automatically defend private property
but leaves it and the future of cryonics up for graps.

I would much rather have a legal system that automatically
defends and enforces private property rights than a system
that lets property rights be something that continuously 
is up for grabs by anyone who in his or her individual
or offical capacity decides not to respect first claims.

Having to continously organize legally and politically to defend one's 
rights, is cumbersome and tiring, and sometimes fails,
then it is much better to create a rights respecting government 
to enforce property rights in the first place.

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