X-Message-Number: 3493
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 10:41:03 +6000
From: Trygve Bauge <>
Subject: CRYONICS: 1 Cattle clones, 2 Improving cryonet.


Mike Darwin writes: 
> The point here is that DNA is NOT, I reapeat, NOT a blueprint.  
> It is a recipie.

When they cloned cattle embryoes at the University of Colorado in
Fort Collins Colorado, they found out that the presence of white spots
is caused genetically, but where they show up is not. In other words:
genetically identical calves didn't have their white spots in the same


> Steve Jackson <> said:
> If this list turns into alt.bauge.copyright.rant.rant.rant, I will quit
> reading. 

Please do not refer to other's entrys as ranting!
Maybe the cryonic list could learn something from the extropian list.
It is cultivated and sivilized and respects copyrights, it actually treats 
every post as though it was copyrighted, and it has lots
of filtering options, those who want can post long files, and those who 
do not like long files can filter for such. etc. The users can receive 
messages either individually or in digest form at their own choice. 
People discuss the issues lively and in a positive way, and hardly make 
deragatory attacks on one another. The list also attracts about 100 
messages a day. It is just a different culture all together. It is so 
much nicer when people politely discuss the issues, and are polite in 
the way they voice their concerns, and any flame thrower is the odd man 
out, who politely and automatically is reprimanded, and if that fails,
then edited out.


Charles Platt writes:
> Is this a threat or a promise?

Just a friendly suggestion that the list be configured so that it
can handle copyrighted and long texts too, and of course so that
users can filter such as well. 
I second Ben Best's suggestions for creating specific threads,
and keeping personal charachterizations of one another out of
most of the threads. Maybe long messages could be
added as thread # 7 and copyrighted messages could be added as
thread # 8  (with Ben's six suggestions forming thread 1 to 6) ?


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