X-Message-Number: 3588
Date: 03 Jan 95 01:51:23 EST
From: Bob Smart <>
Subject: CRYONICS Marching Morons

> It's reasonable to expect that C & B will eventually bring their science
> up to snuff...

What's even remotely "reasonable" about any such expectation?  It's like
expecting the Weekly World News to become a respected academic journal.

> Many of the lurkers are asking the same questions as the posters.

And to all of those lurkers who refrained from proposing ghost generators as
cryonic refrigerators, I offer my heartfelt thanks and admiration for the
restraint they displayed.

> Taken to its logical extreme, Platt's suggestion would result in Cryonet
> consisting of an annual message from Mike Darwin...

Taken to extremes, ANYTHING becomes silly.  The link between curbing
psychotic blabber about ghost generators and a the birth of a Darwin-only
Cryonet is tenuous--dare I say "ethereal?"--at best.  No one is proposing to
take matters to any such extreme, but...whole-body Peltier flash-freezers?
Ghost refrigeration?  Isn't it also extreme to reflexively defend the
publication of anything and everything, patent nonsense included?

I've been monitoring this list for years because every now and then,
something like the discussion about "cold rooms" and higher-than-LN2
temperature storage comes up, and that's worthwhile to me.  To the extent
that Cryonet embraces the preposterous, the scientifically illiterate, and
the just plain whacko over the more meaningful contributions, even in a
misguided nod to "rights," it merely transforms itself into just another
pandering tabloid.  Respect for people's rights does not imply that every
publication must offer itself up as a forum for every crackpot who wanders
in off the street, and it does not imply that every utterance is worthy of
equal respect.

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