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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 08:11:44 -0800
From: John K Clark <>
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"Bruce Zimov" <> in 3689 Wrote:

	   >The causal process that made the copies to begin with
	   >is a branch point, after which Cobb and his copies diverge along
	   >spearate causal paths 
I agree, they would start to diverge as soon as the copy was
made and I did say in my previous post that the copy should be current. 
	   >Also, there is nothing that prevents more than one individual
	   >Cobb, so the matter of 2 subjective instances simultaneous          
	   >can be renamed but no more than that. There are still 2
	   >separate subjective instances.
In general, if you can't distinguish between two things then you
don't have two things you have one thing. If two subjective
simultaneous experiences are identical and running in parallel
then there is only one subjective experience. An outside
observer might be able to distinguish between the things having
the experience but that is of no importance, it's subjective
feelings were interested in and want to survive. I don't believe
we have thoughts and feelings , I believe we are thoughts and
feelings. At the present time the only thing that has my
thoughts and feelings is 3 pounds of gray goo inside the head of
a particular bipedal mammal, some day, I hope, that will change.
	     >Our identity is in the pattern of matter, like the identity 
	     >of a wave
Yes, and the pattern is described by information and so can be duplicated.

		>There is an obvious difference between 2 hydrogen atoms. 
		>There are 2 of them. One at A, and One at B. That is what            
		>numerical identity  is all about.
You're in a different position than you were 5 minutes ago but
presumably your identity has not changed. Quantum Physics tells
us that position is a fuzzy concept at best .You can pick two
atoms move them very close together and mix them around so it's
impossible to tell EVEN IN THEORY which one is which. Atoms are
interchangeable, one is as good as another. 
				   John K Clark         

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