X-Message-Number: 3729
Subject: Canadian Cryonics Dinner
From:  (Ben Best)
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995 00:17:00 -0500

   Once again, our annual winter cryonics/life-extension dinner in
Toronto coincided with a snowstorm. Nonetheless, 9 people attended
(all male). Although some of the conversation was about uploading
and life in outer space, there was a satisfying amount of focus
on practical issues concerning health, mechanisms of aging and cryonics.

   One attendee took the opportunity to have others witness his
CryoCare sign-up paperwork and most expressed an interest in eventually
signing-up. A serious-minded entrepreneur (who helped start the local
newspaper TORONTO COMPUTES) said he would sign-up if there was more
evidence that cryopreservation will work. A student in medical school
at the University of Toronto had raised cryonics and anti-aging
questions in his classes -- and wanted literature to give to
interested classmates.

   Little by little, we progress in this outpost of (cryonics)

                          -- Ben Best ()

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