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Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995 19:05:46 -0500
Subject: SCI. CRYONICS subclinical diseas

A quick comment after Dr. Stodolsky's interesting posting on subclinical

The question of subclinical disease is a VERY widespread one. Doctors once
thought (and apparently many still do!) that unless you show symptoms of
scurvy there is no reason to take vitamin C. (Even then, just take a little
orange juice, or lime juice if you are in the British navy.)

I have believed for years that I have subclinical hypothyroidism--maybe not
even subclinical, since I get possible symptoms such as splitting skin near
the corners of the thumb, and sometimes lagging energy, as well as a slightly
lower than average body temperature and a tendency to put on weight. 

What do the tests show? That I have both low thyroid (Hashimoto's disease)
and high thyroid (Graves' disease), which are more or less balanced out. I am
convinced that the balance is on the hypo side, and adequate thyroid is
important with respect to senescence, among other things.  

What to do? Wish I knew.


But the tests always come out "in the normal range" and no doctor will
prescribe thyroid. 

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