X-Message-Number: 3734
From:  (Kevin Q Brown +1 201 386 7344)
Date: 23 Jan 95 19:56:00 -0500
Subject: Admin: Another CryoNet Archive Site?

I have appended below a proposal that I just received for a free,
web-accessible archive site for this and other mailing lists plus
also the USENET news groups.  Does this sound like a good idea?
Any other comments?  Thanks.
                              Kevin Q. Brown
FYI: The CryoNet archives total over 4,000 files and almost 20 MBytes,
     dating back to July 1988.  (Only a few megabytes of messages are
     stored at cryonet.org, though, because it would cost too much
     to store all the messages there.  The complete archive is at the
     old mailing list address.)
> From:  (Jack M. Zoken)
> Subject: Request for feedback on new internet service
> To: ,  (Jack M. Zoken)
> Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 15:41:33 -0800 (PST)

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on a service that I intend to 
provide with the help of Nasa Ames. I believe that the service will be 
of great benefit to email list subscribers, people who read news
and the Internet community at large. 

As you know, many email lists and newsgroups are not archived and even those
that are archived are scattered across thousands of sites.

Our service will provide a comprehensive, centralized, web accessible archive
of USENET and email-list history. We intend to seed the service with as 
many existing archives as possible and then track daily all newsgroups and
some email lists. Users will be able to search the archives by conversational
thread, subject, keyword, date, organization as well as the full text of 
all messages. Because all the information will be centralized and our 
news server will be built on a relational database, it will 
offer better indexing capabilities, speed and ease-of-use than existing

We intend to offer the service free of charge to the Internet community,
underwritten by corporate sponsorships.

I have attached a questionaire (only being distributed to a small number
of "email list contacts" so your response is very important) 
that will help us design the service to be of most benefit. 
Thanks in advance for your help.

-Jack Zoken


We expect this service to be very popular and thus impose a heavy load
on our system.  To help assess the system requirements 
(storage, CPU, network bandwidth), we would appreciate 
your answers to the following questions:

1. We realize that not all list moderators will
want us to archive their lists and we would respect their wishes. 
Would your permit your email list(s) to be archived on a regular basis?

2. When was your mailing list created?

3. Do you maintain an existing archive(s)? If so, what time periods and how
large is it?

4. Is your email list archive posted as a digest to a newsgroup?

5. On a scale of 1-5 (1=little/no value, 5=extremely valuable), please
assess the value of the service.

      For you: ______
      For your members: _____
      For the internet community: _____

6. We would welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have about 
the service.

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