X-Message-Number: 3746
Subject: Re: In and out with Dave
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 14:55:29 -0800 (PST)

In response to Mike Darwin's #3739:

You ignored my main point which was that we should be considering cryonics
patients to be *alive* so that when we discuss them the standard that ought
to apply becomes obvious to us! I realize that it is routine for doctors to 
chart a given patient's psychological illness and their family history, but 
they don't usually follow that up by publicly releasing that information 
on the net and using it to make comparisons to their *own* lives. I realize
that cryonics is not yet a part of the mainstream, but as long as we are
going to consider patients to be alive (at least in an informational sense), 
then we should extend the same courtesy to them that a doctor would extend 
to a functioning patient!! And if it becomes absolutely necessary for us to 
discuss a patient's personal problems in a public write-up, then it should 
be done professionally, and without all the comparisons and personal 
conjecture. Notice that Michael Riskin's posts on this subject were very 
informative, but did not make reference to patients he has treated let alone 
to his own psychology. Although, as I tried to indicate yesterday, patients' 
personal problems are seldom relevant to their published case histories.

Ever forward,



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