X-Message-Number: 3752
Date: 26 Jan 95 12:48:54 EST
From: yvan Bozzonetti <>
Subject: Late answer C. Platt # 3664 and R. Ettinger # 3669.

First I apologize for that late answer, I was out of the net for some time 
for both, familly problems and time travel planning :-).

	C. Platt rejects "Daedelus" opinion because he is a simple 
journalist... So You never read about Nature? In fact, Daedalus  (Professor 
David Jones) is a chemistry teacher, a perfet background to give an opinion 
on a quantum process. Nature is not an ordinary new magazine, it is a 125 
years professional science journal, all its "journalists" have at least a 
PhD. So i aam serious when I say there may be something to look at in 
quantized slow displacement. To jump from here to flash freezing cryonics 
may be premature, that is why my message was not sent to Sci. CRYONICS.

	Sorry, another bad new for you: Healing by radio waves may be a bad 
example of pseudo science: See "Forest grows tall on radio waves" in the 
January 14 issue of New Scientist, p.14. It seems low frequency waves can 
accelerate ion exchange in biological membranes. That work as a fertiliser 
on some trees. The same process must work on animal cells, so I would be 
rather careful before speaking about pseudo science in this case.


	R. Ettinger thinks, in message # 3669 that accelerated temperature 
drop at transition temperature could solve the microtubule problem.  The 
difficulty comes from the large temperature range implied in the process. 
Microtubules starts to disapear at 15 degree C in mammal cells, so I think 
there is really an incompatibility between microtubule conservation and 
cooling without cracking. The only way out is to add colchicin to the 
perfusate. this product is largely used in cell experiments so it can be 
found on the market and its use for cryonics must be without legal problem.

Y. Bozzonetti.

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