X-Message-Number: 3777
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 17:43:58 -0800
From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <kqb>
Subject: ADMIN: CryoNet Status Update

Slow Mailing List

Probably the most noticeable feature of CryoNet lately is that it
has been quite slow to arrive.  My apologies for the inconvenience.
Fortunately, this should improve soon when c2.org (the host machine
for cryonet.org) upgrades its Internet connection to 28.8 K and gets
some other system upgrades.

Until the digest delivery speed improves there is a work-around, though.
Archive retrieval email has higher priority than regular mailing list
digest email.  If you need to see the messages before your mailing
list digest arrives, estimate what the next few message numbers are
likely to be and then send an archive retrieval request for them.
For example, if you haven't seen the Mon. Jan. 30 digest, and you
recall that the next message number is 3771, then send email to:
with the Subject line:
    CRYOMSG 377[1-9]
to retrieve messages 3771 through 3779 (or whichever ones in that
range exist).

Note: CRYOMSG requests sent to "", "",
and several other cryonet.org email addresses will work, too.
If, for some reason, you prefer to do your archive retrieval with
a Majordomo-style "get" request rather than a CRYOMSG request,
then your email needs to go to "" and the
"get 377[1-9]" needs to go in the message _body_ rather than the
Subject line.
Hint: Small archive retrieval requests will arrive faster than large
archive retrieval requests.  Also, please do not swamp cryonet.org
with a large number of these archive retrieval requests.

Posting to CryoNet

I have made it easier to post to CryoNet.  Of course, you still can post
by sending your email to:
(Email sent to "" does _not_ need to have "CRYONICS"
in the Subject line to get posted automatically to CryoNet.)
For those people whose mailers insist on replying back to the sender of
the digests () rather than ,
the CryoNet software now automatically forwards to the mailing list any
email sent to the address "" that also has
"CRYONICS" (in capital letters) in the Subject line.  **

I also will be setting the "Reply-To:" field of the email header
to "".  For those people whose mail programs
understand the "Reply-To:" field, that change will make posting to
CryoNet easier.  (Hopefully, people's vacation auto-reply programs
don't use the "Reply-To:" field.)

                              Kevin Q. Brown

 ** The software doesn't forward automatically _all_ email sent to
     because the bounced email and vacation
    program auto-reply email go to that address.  Fortunately,
    since none of the CryoNet digests have "CRYONICS" in the Subject
    line, those messages can be forwarded automatically without
    causing a mail loop.

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