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Subject: Re: CRYONICS mailing list #41 - Mind Children review in Nature
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Isn't 'going to heaven' to live as a 'spirit creature' a form of uploading?
(no pun intended--really).  I don't think that uploading per se is what
people find objectionable, but rather mechanization.  The meme that human
beings are machines is not very strong in our society.  To most people,
a machine is a man-made device or tool.  Since all such objects that
exist today were not constructed using an advanced nanotechnology, they
are rather pathetic compared to the technology developed by billions of
years of earthly evolution.

Is it any wonder that Joe Blow doesn't want to be 'a machine'?  When he
sees machines that make *us* look pathetic, perhaps he'll change his mind.

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