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From:  (Brian Wowk)
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Subject: Re: Question-About putting a Child in cryo-suspension??
Date: 14 May 1995 01:49:17 GMT
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In <>  (Alan Laska) writes:

>          Let's say that a 11 year old boy had a illness that was
>        incurable and was put into cryo-suspension after he was
>         declared legally dead.  Now lets say in about 300 years
>         science finds a way to revive him & cure what killed him.
>            Now the question is this, he would now be about over
>         300 years old.  Would he be considered an adult since he
>          well over 18 years old or not???
>             What would the future society for this 11 year old
>          consider him a minor or adult??

	He would be neither a minor or adult.  Since a death certificate
would have been issued (300 years earlier), he would be a CORPSE.

	Seriously, though, this question is very similar to the kind
the California Department of Health Services (DHS) used in court
against the Alcor Life Extension Foundation several years ago.  Basically,
the DHS said cryonics should be illegal because it raises too many
complicated legal questions about the status of reanimated persons.
(I'm not making this up.)  In his decision supporting the legality of
cryonics in California, the judge said (paraphrasing), "Any future
society with knowledge advanced enough to revive these people will
surely be wise enough to manage any legal technicalities." 

---Brian Wowk

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