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From:  (Brian Wowk)
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Subject: Re: Sudden High Oxygen pressure after freezing??
Date: 14 May 1995 02:13:02 GMT
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In <3ot29m$>  writes:

>Water boils at about 90 deg F in a vacuum.  Water boils at about 450 deg in
>a submarine under intense pressure.  Using these concepts could we
>not STOP the formation of ice crystal in ALL cell types when reviving
>a person?

	There are several major errors here.  Liquid water will boil
at ANY temperature in a hard vacuum.  That's because liquid water
cannot exist at pressures below its triple point (about 4mm Hg).
The problem in conventional freezing (as distinct from vitrification)
is ice crystal formation during cooling, not re-warming.  While
it is true that the phase diagram for water suggests some interesting
possibilities for avoiding ice crystal formation during cooling,
the pressures involved (~10,000 atmospheres) are beyond reasonable
engineering capability, and also introduce problems of direct 
baroinjury to tissue.

---Brian Wowk

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