X-Message-Number: 4408
Date:  Tue, 16 May 95 16:24:39 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject: CRYO-1 becomes ACT Festival

To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
May 16, 1995

*1996 CRYO-1 changed to Alcor Cryonics Technology Festival.  *

     For several reasons, we have decided that Alcor's plans for a full, 
formal Research Conference in February of 1996 were premature.  The amount 
of real research going on in cryonics is still small, and there was no 
guarantee that the more interesting projects would be ready for such 
formal reporting by then.  And we had several logistics problems of our 
own.  So we are pulling back to a less formal weekend, still with a 
science and technology emphasis, and a heavy de-emphasis on politics.  (We 
hope to move toward a more formal research format in the following year or 
two.)  The Conference will now be called the *Alcor Cryonics Technology 
(ACT) Festival*.

     The exact schedule of events and speakers is not yet set.  However, 
tentatively, this is what we plan:

Friday, February 16:
     Registration, informal dinner and discussions

Saturday, February 17 (at a local hotel's meeting room):
     Science/technology presentations and maybe a panel discussion or two.
     Buffet dinner
     After dinner speaker(s)

Sunday, February 18
     Continental breakfast
     Tours of Alcor and Ventureville
     Some afternoon social activity
     Possibly some round table research discussions

     We'll have more details as we get closer to time for making hotel 
reservations.  February is one of the busiest times in Scottsdale, so 
advance reservations will be a must.

Steve Bridge

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