X-Message-Number: 4410
Date: 17 May 95 09:30:38 EDT
From: "Kent, Saul" <>
Subject: Cryonics Meeting In South Florida

	Saul Kent will be hosting a meeting of the Cryonics Society of
South Florida on Saturday June 3, 1995 at 2PM. All South Florida Alcor,
ACS and CryoCare members as well as any interested individuals are
invited to attend. 
	Saul's address is: 3400 Galt Ocean Drive, Suite PH10S, Ft
Lauderdale, Florida. To get to Saul's home from I-95, take Oakland Park
Boulevard east to A1A, Turn left on A1A, drive a block (past Kenny Rogers
restaurant), then turn right to get to Galt Ocean Drive. Make a right at
Galt Ocean Drive then turn left into the last Southpoint (the name of the
building) driveway, which is the southernmost tall building on Galt Ocean
Drive before Oakland Park Blvd. Guest parking is on the right. Please
check in at the front desk before taking the elevator to penthouse 10S
	If you have any questions about the meeting, please call Dayna
Dye at The Life Extension Foundation: 305-966-4886.

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