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Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 08:06:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Joseph J. Strout" <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #4409 - #4412

I understand that uploading is getting tiresome for many readers of this 
list.  It has been here mainly because there is no other forum for it.  
(I tried to start a newsgroup about six months ago, but it died of 
administrative complications.)  As Eugene suggested, I hope to be 
starting a dedicated mailing list (or possibly two, to separate the 
science from the philosophical arguments) in a few months.  When and 
if that happens, an announcement will be made here.

However, I feel I must offer a counterpoint to the suggestion (made by 
several people now) that uploading tempts people away from cryonics.  For 
me, the exact opposite was true.  It was only after I had worked through 
the basic principles of uploading that I realized there was some hope for 
cryonics patients.  My first reaction was, "I'll be damned -- those crazy 
cryonicists may actually be right."  I was (and remain) skeptical about 
the power of nanotechnology to cure all ills.  There are probably those 
out there who feel the same; to them, uploading provides a more plausible 
scenario of how they might someday be revived.

And again, uploading will not be developed in our lifetimes, except maybe 
for the most primitive organisms.  Even if it was known to be available 
in 50 years, young people would still need to sign up for cryonics 
against the possibility of early disease, heart attack, accident, etc.  
If someone is serious about extending their lifespan (by any means), they 
will sign up.

|    Joseph J. Strout           Department of Neuroscience, UCSD   |
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