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Date: 18 May 95 20:24:05 EDT
From: Mike Darwin <>
Subject: Ebola & ProMED (Internet)  <Forwarded Message>

>From Mike Darwin:  This may be a resource of interest to some in the cryonics

As to BPI  doing Ebola cases in cryonicists:  I am willing to do such cases
under proper conditions.  I will do cases with straight freezing with p3
precauitions.  I would be willing to perfuse patients using fem-fem approach
using p4 precuations, but would need time to prepare.

I would also note that patients who die from end statge Ebola are like to have
badly compromised or nonexistent microcirculation; the brain seems to be spared
vascular erosion by the virus until near the end.  However, maintain adequate
perfusion pressure and volume in the circuit would be problematic using the
fem-fem approach.  

A further caveat is that this work would be done with NO laboratory monitoring,
minimal (and all volunteer staff), no burr hole and no procedures but the most
basic used to achieve cryopreservation.

A final caveat is the ability to do such a case: i.e., the public health
authorities may (almost certainly would prohibit it).  I remain willing if
circumstances allow.

Finally, routine jet aircraft flights from Zaire to all points of the globe
continue unabated.  This is insanity.  It will be remarkable if the infection

stays contained.  Further, the vurus has obviously mutated: incubation times are
shorter and mortality quicker by about 50%.

Don't be surprised if an out break occurs in NYC, DC or other major US cities.

I will be equally surprized if they find "Universal Precautions" sufficient to
contain this organism.  It is quite nasty and the people in the West have been
too long unexposed to really nasty bugs.  

Mike Darwin

       The Current Outbreak Of Ebola Fever in Zaire and the Rapid
                Dissemination of Information via the Internet

                          16:00 EDT, May 11, 1995

                               126 Rogers St.
                          Cambridge, MA USA 02142
                           Phone: 617-868-8522
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               Contact for more information: Kerry Gallivan

WHAT: Internet-based e-mail is playing an important role in the
identification, tracking, research, discussion of  the outbreak of
Ebola fever in Zaire. An e-mail based discussion group called ProMED
makes it possible for researchers, physicians and other health workers
to study, monitor, and share information about emerging disease in the
developing world.

Anyone with e-mail can monitor late-breaking developments and
contribute to the discussion of this emergency and other issues
related to emerging diseases.

WHO: The Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (ProMED) includes an
e-mail conference of physicians, public health policy makers and other
health workers.

ProMED was created in September 1993 by the Federation of American
Scientists at a conference in Geneva, Switzerland and co-sponsored by
the World Health Organization. ProMED's Chair is Dr. Stephen S. Morse
of The Rockfeller University, New York, New York. The ProMED
electronic conference is moderated by Dr. Jack Woodall of the New York
State Department of Health, Albany, New York.

ProMED is made available through SatelLife, a non-profit organization
based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. SatelLife operates HealthNet, a
computer network operating in 16 African countries and 5 Asian
countries. HealthNet provides communication links among physicians and
allied health workers in the developing world, even in very remote

Subscribers on ProMED include:

        * Dr. McCormick is the only scientist to have witnessed all
     three previous known Ebola epidemics, all in Africa - in Yambuku,
Zaire, in 1976, and in the southern Sudan in 1976 and 1979. Now chief
of infectious diseases at the Aga Khan University in Karachi,
Pakistan. Dr. McCormick said "it is impossible to know when or where
Ebola will strike, because it is not known what animal or insect
carries the virus."

        * Dr. Karl Johnson was the first to describe Ebola virus,

        * Dr. C.J. Peters is in charge of the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention's  "hot lab" currently working on the specimens
from Zaire.

WHERE: ProMED serves over 700 subscribers in over 70 countries and
territories world-wide.

WHY: ProMED was established to identify and quickly respond to unusual
outbreaks of infectious diseases and provide help to affected areas.
This rapid response is essential not only to the region of origin but
to the entire world.

Experts have warned of the need to respond more quickly and
effectively to emerging infectious diseases. ProMED is designed to
meet the need for an effective global infectious disease surveillance

HOW: Anyone can join the ProMED electronic conference by sending an
Internet e-mail message to  The message
must contain the text "subscribe promed".

BACKGROUND: SatelLife was established in 1989 by Dr. Bernard Lown,
Chairman of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear
War which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. SatelLife is funded
in part by the NEC Corporation of Japan.

HealthNet membership includes over 3000 users throughout Africa and

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