X-Message-Number: 4429
Date: 21 May 95 13:23:18 EDT
From: "Kent, Saul" <>
Subject: Marketing

	David Stodolsky says that marketing is an "exact science". 
	I disagree. I don't think marketing is even close to being an
exact science, but I do agree that it is useful.
	He then says that: "The major problem in cryonics, with respect to
this, is that people, instead of using well accepted and proven methods,
have tried to reinvent psychology and marketing."
	Again, I disagree. Some tried and true marketing ideas *have* been
tried with some success. The major limitation has been lack of money,
*not* the attempt "to reinvent psychology and marketing."
	Over the past 30 years, I've seen about a half dozen professional
marketers tell the leaders of cryonics organizations that they were
marketing cryonics properly. In every case, they were invited to market
it properly. Most never made an attempt to do so.
	Dr. Stodolsky says that: "The most basic questions are yet to be
even asked."
	I disagree. Every question he raises *has* been asked and
discussed, in some cases repeatedly.  My answers to them are as follows:
	I think a greater rate of growth would be beneficial to cryonics
organizations. What is being sold is an idea that, I believe, is the most
important one in history...that it's possible for those of us living today
to achieve physical immortality no matter how old or sick we may be...and
a product (cryonic suspension) which, in my opinion, is *not* very good.
I think the best marketing strategy is to improve the product.
	Yes, people will buy the product, although a lot more people
would buy it if it was better. And yes, it can be sold to people,
although again it would be easier to sell if it was better.

---Saul Kent

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