X-Message-Number: 4437
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 02:51:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ben Best <>
Subject: Cryonics Society of Canada Events

    On Sunday, May 21, 1995 Elections were held at the Annual General
Meeting of the Cryonics Society of Canada. Paul Wakfer, Ben Best and 
Douglas Quinn were elected Directors. A Director's meeting followed at
which the first item of business was election of Officers. Chosen were:

            Ben Best      -- President
            Douglas Quinn -- Vice-President
            Paul Wakfer   -- Secretary/Treasurer
    A dinner was held later at AIDA's Falafel Restaurant which was 
attended by 8 local Toronto people (all male) interested in cryonics and 
life extension. There was some discussion of the relevance of nanotechnology
and various cryonics issues, but much of the discussion dealt with 
computer issues and Internet/Web prospects and possibilities. Only one of 
the 8 was not a regular computer user, and he left early. One fellow is
a professional Internet/Web expert. Hopefully, by becoming better connected
we have taken a step to becoming better preserved.

                   -- Ben Best ()

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