X-Message-Number: 4444
Date: 24 May 95 14:59:33 EDT
From: yvan Bozzonetti <>
Subject: Forbiden uploading

There is now a Cryonet rule against uploading : It is not the place to 
write about that subject. As a french citizen living in a country where law 
prohibits good conservation, uploading is the only possible issue. After 
many hours of ischemic room temperature "conservation", information may be 
recovered, on the other side,, nanotechnological repair is impossible. So, 
now I know I'll not sign up until there is a cryonics organization working 
firmly on the upload subject.

Potential US users are not in a better place : Blind nano repair with 
billions nano robots is no better than any religious faith. Any real scheme 
would start with an upload of the full body (not simply the brain) in a 
computer-like system to define a repair strategy, identify the problems and 
direct apropriate nanosystems at the rigth place. When brain upload needs 
"only" to track 200 nm protein complexes in synapse buttons on cell 
membranes, there we need a molecular picture at nanometer scale extending 
for the full body. Are the pro nano tech really concious of that ? If we 
want to skip the computer map stage, I see only one possible technology : 
Miracle repair, so I'll concentrate on miracles in my comming cryonet 

The message you'll spared : About my contact with a group of some tens of 
people interested in cryonics as a mean to get uploading. ( I must now tell 
them cryonics organizations are not the places to look at to stay until 
uploading is ready to be exploited).

	Yvan Bozzonetti.

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