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Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 21:26:12 -0400
Subject: SCI. CRYONICS brain pieces

Following is an excerpt from the June issue of THE IMMORTALIST, now in press:


After some delays resulting from the user-unfriendly nature of the universe,
Dr. Yuri Pichugin and Prof. Gennadi Zhegunov have resumed their research
efforts. We have so far only a brief, preliminary report, but it is

1. Rabbit brain pieces have been frozen and cooled to - 90oC, and after
thawing and washout of glycerol they showed "biolectric activity in culture
of reanimated brain slices. It is an indirect confirmation of Suda's
experiments." Intact control pieces did not bear freezing even to - 10oC.

The next step will be trials at liquid nitrogen temperature.

[Isamu Suda, with coworkers Kito and Adachi, froze cat brains in the sixties,
and in the first series, at relatively high subzero temperatures, obtained
fairly good electro- corticograms. A later series, stored in liquid nitrogen,
did not do as well.]

2. Arrangements have been completed for access to human brain tissue, which
could be rather important.

Robert Ettinger
Immortalist Society
Cryonics Institute

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