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Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 05:30:05 -0700
From:  (Stephen Van Sickle)
Subject: Injectable Brain Coolant?

Saw this on bionet.neuroscience.  Any comments?

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From:  (EdClugston)
Subject: Injectable Brain Coolant ?    on Discovery Channel Series - 
The Brain
Date: 18 May 1995 20:29:13 -0400

? Injectable Brain Coolant ?

I am a neuro-intensive nurse at a University Hospital.   Like many other
people, I have been watching the series about The Brain on the Discovery
Channel.  While most of the material was old hat, a recent segment
mentioned an "Injectable Brain Coolant" to be used in trauma situations. 
Has anyone heard anything about this stuff, or better still worked with it?

Brenda  :-)

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