X-Message-Number: 4459
Date: 27 May 95 02:02:21 EDT
From: yvan Bozzonetti <>
Subject: Upload answers

	Robert Ettinger expresses some interesting comments in message 
1/ I think uploading will never will created if a cryonics like 
organization don't start some seed researches on the subject. In fact, I 
think nothing will be done in cryonics if there is no reserach. Upto now, 
only CI has published some results. A subject so promptly rejected such 
uploading has no hope in the general society, it has no hope at all if it 
is not taken in charge by marginal groups. What I have said is that: These 
groups will not be cryonics ones and so cryonics is running in a blind 

I think uploading is far more simpler than assumed (se my BONZO 2 message).

I don't want to go against law, so I must find a way to work with it. It is 
simpler to reach a conservation state where the original one can be infered 
than build back that original stale. For example we can largely figure out 
what was dinosaurs, on the other side reproducing them is mere si-fi.

T. Donaldson thinks upload is not a necessity for cryonics. May be if 
cryonics must end up as a religion or some unusable market product (If it 
is selling hope, not afterlife).

Yes, I'll insist and don't give up.

Wowk's case is somewhat out of my possibilities : I have never said I am 
ready to spend $ millions, I have not them ! Where come from the idea to 
detonate X- bombs near the head of patients ?

Yes, nature grows a full body without upload. This is not the same thing as 
to undertake to repair an existing body. Indeed, I think it would be 
simpler to grow a new body and link it to a uploaded brain. 

If I pursue my objective, I must end up cremated ? Well, I think  a 
sufficient technology could bring back to life a cremated person using some 
form of miracle system. If I don't say more about that, it is simply 
because I would need very, very, VERRRRYYYY long physical explanation to do 
that. I'll try, but I need before some holydays ! I'll be back for July 

		Yvan Bozzonetti.

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