X-Message-Number: 4463
From: Brian Wowk <>
Date: Mon, 29 May 1995 01:26:28 -0500
Subject: CryoCare Signup Fees

        Just a reminder to anyone out there who may be in the signup
process with CryoCare that new signup fees come into effect June 1st
(as reported in the April issue of CryoCare report).  Anyone who has
not completed their signup documents and funding arrangement by
June 1st will be suject to the new signup fees.  They are
First adult family member (non-student) $200
Each additional adult family member:    $150
Full-time students:                     $100
Children:                                $50
It is possible to avoid these new fees by paying only half the new fee
before June 1st, provided you complete all other paperwork by the
end of 1995.
        Our Signup Administrator, Brenda Peters, has informed me that
she is willing to consider any pleas for mercy from people who are
very close to finishing.  Anyone in this situation should contact
Brenda by private email at  before June 1st.
---Brian Wowk

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